6 Telltale That Your Organization – And Your Customers – Are Ready For Next Generation Web Self Service

Telltale Sign #6
Customer service and the customer experience are integral to the future growth and differentiation of your organization

For organizations where customer service is a true differentiator, continuous enhancement of the process is a non-debatable issue. Many of these leading companies are already examining or are close to implementing next generation web self service technology.

However, as consumers grow more skeptical, become increasingly web savvy and are faced with an ever-increasing amount of options, offering excellent customer service online as well as has quickly become a baseline requirement of doing business. Most companies are aware that “service” now trumps price as the number one reason why customers purchase from one company versus another.

For many companies, the economic realities of serving millions of customers interrupts the best intentions to get everyone from the CEO to the call center agent aligned to deliver unparalleled customer service communication at every interaction.

But this is where web self service enjoys somewhat ubiquitous appeal. Web self service shines as a customer experience-enhancing technology, because it is accessible and deployable by virtually every organization, regardless of whether or not a company is perfectly aligned in principle and in process, to execute with precision on the mission of enhanced customer service and call center productivity.

Companies who are committed, to any reasonable degree, to increasing their focus on customer service will like the practical accessibility of next generation web self-service technologies.

Taking time to examine the realities of your organizational environment by looking for evidence of any of the six telltale signs explained in these posts can reveal the need for action. The advantages of responding to these signs now come in the form of downstream cost reductions in your customer service operation and enhanced customer experiences strategy in your online channels. The latter, of course, can contribute greatly to your customer retention and loyalty efforts.

Companies who act now in response to this opportunity can also only enjoy competitive advantage, differentiating themselves as one of the few companies who are meeting their customers’ desire for effective next generation customer web self service experiences on the web.

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