IntelliResponse Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Charly Soza

IR: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up?
CS: I was born in a small town in Bukavu, in Central Africa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  I was blessed to have travelled at such a young age to quite few different countries in Africa and Europe as this has enabled me to speak 4 different languages: English, French, Swahili and Lingala. I graduated from York University here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

IR: How long have you worked for IntelliResponse?
CS: I’ve been working here since October 2010.

IR: What is your role at the company?
CS: I am a Technical Support Analyst. I work with our Client Services Department. My focus is supporting our client deployment web pages.

IR: Please tell us about your most rewarding or satisfying experience, or your proudest moment, since you joined the company.
CS: When I joined the company, I was most impressed by everyone’s dedication and great work ethic. That was one of the things that attracted me to IntelliResponse. When I first started at IntelliResponse, I was one of only a few Technical Support Analysts. During those times, I enjoyed the task of balancing multiple projects – each one being unique with its own set of technical challenges to work through. However, with the support of the entire Client Services team, we were able to complete those projects on time. Today, I still see that same dedication as the department has grown and it fuels all of us to be successful.

IR: Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
CS: I lived 2 years in Kenya, in East Africa and worked with a UK NGO called Windle Trust International. My job was to teach Sudanese refugees basic computer skills. This was a very special moment in my life where I was able to put a smile on those young children’s faces, teach them their first computer class, and help them forget for a few moments about hard times they were going through. At the same time I was able to equip them with skills that would help them meet the challenges they would face when they went back to help rebuild their own country.

IR: Are you married? Do you have kids? What do you enjoy doing with your family?
CS: I am not married as of yet, however, I am looking forward to eventually starting a family.

IR: What are your hobbies?
CS: Basketball has always been one of my greatest hobbies. I play basketball once a week, whenever I can. When I am not watching current season games, I enjoy watching old classic NBA games. I also do a little bit of biking, walking and taekwondo on my own.

IR: What would you most love to be doing in 10 years?
CS: I really enjoy my work at IntelliResponse. I see myself in the same type of position in the years to come, perhaps with a little more emphasis in the growing field of online security.

IR: What do you envision the future of Virtual Agent Technology to be?
CS: I would like to see Virtual Agent technology become even more engaging by enhancing the interaction with the user. I hope in the future, speech recognition technology will be used more as a usability option and at the same, advances in technology will allow VA’s to recognize feelings and emotions just from the information and still be able to return the right response. This could be one of those small things that could improve the overall user experience.

IR: Thanks for participating Charly. It has been great learning more about you!


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