IntelliResponse Virtual Agent Technology

Creating Profitable Online Conversations

Intelliresponse Answers Video

The IntelliResponse Virtual Agent (VA) technology platform is a next generation self-service software that automates the process of delivering answers to customer questions posed across a variety of interaction channels.  IntelliResponse technology also acts as a 24×7 online research agent, delivering real-time, actionable voice of the customer insights to our clients.

IntelliResponse VA’s accomplish this by parsing natural language questions and matching these questions with a single correct answer. IntelliResponse VA’s are particularly effective when used in specific domain scenarios, such as industry verticals or in specific use-cases. They can be deployed on an organization’s website, social media presence, mobile platforms, in contact center environments or even via web enabled kiosks – wherever customers go for self-service answers.

As natural extension of an organization’s existing ebusiness, marketing, customer experience and customer service functions, IntelliResponse Virtual Agents have been deployed more than 450 times by the world’s most recognizable brands. Our software manages hundreds of millions of “profitable” online conversations each year.