Core Features and Benefits

IntelliResponse Virtual Agents provide a number of best-in-class, consumer facing features designed to provide a truly engaging web self-service experience that often matches or exceeds the support provided by live service representatives.


IntelliResponse Virtual Agents can be personified using a variety of available options, including:

  • Human image – a picture of a real human
  • Digital Character (non animated) – either leveraging a corporate mascot or a character specifically created for the Virtual Agent experience
  • Animated Digital Character – same as above, with animated body language and facial expressions


The Enterprise Virtual Agent can “speak” to the customer, providing a more engaging and enjoyable experience. The audio feature is also useful for the visually impaired.

Chat-bot Style

Questions and answers can be appear as vertically “stacked” pieces of text, to mimic the look and feel of an online chat with a real agent. The VA can greet the customer and ask questions to better understand intent and tasks. This feature makes the experience unfold as more of a two-way conversation. Alternatively, questions and their answers can appear singularly, without a running stack of historical questions.

Pop-up Display

The VA conversation can appear as a pop-up box that appears “on top” of the web page behind it. When the customer clicks anywhere other than the pop-up, the box ‘disappears’ behind the web page and out of view.

On-page Display

With on-page integration, the Virtual Agent “housing” and the web page co-exists on the screen. This allows the customer to navigate through the web site without the Virtual Agent disappearing from view.

Directed Browsing (aka “Push pages”)

IntelliResponse Virtual Agents can deliver an answer as well as an actual page from the website where additional relevant content on the topic is found.

Trigger-Based Escalation

At any time during the Virtual Agent interaction, the customer OR the company can initiate escalation to live support agent and/ or sales representative. The IntelliResponse Virtual Agent can recognize prompts that trigger seamless escalation to an assisted support channel such as email, online chat, or a call center. Some examples of triggers include customer questions such as “How do I cancel my service?”, “I need to speak to a live representative”, or “How do I purchase your premium-level service?”

Feedback (User ratings and comments)

Customers can indicate their level of satisfaction by numerically rating the answer. They can also provide comments in provided comment fields. This allows visitors to provide real-time feedback on the value of the information being provided, as well as rate their overall experience with the Enterprise Virtual Agent technology.

Session Summary / Transcript and Print

The consumer can view and print a transcript of their entire IntelliResponse session

Conversion Engine

Offers can be presented to customers for cross-selling and upselling. The IntelliResponse Virtual Agent can recognize prompts throughout the conversation that trigger corresponding offers to be presented automatically.

Social Sharing

Clients can share any content from their session by clicking from a selection of popular social media sharing buttons.