QuikStart provides a fast and effective means for organizations to get up and running with their IntelliResponse deployment.

During a QuikStart engagement, dedicated IntelliResponse consultants manage, develop, test and implement all aspects of a customer’s deployment.

The QuickStart Launch Guarantee ensured new customer deployments live in 60 days or less with an initial accuracy rating of at least 80%.

Content Pre-population

QuikStart leverages proprietary IntelliResponse Knowledge Packs, a comprehensive collection of common questions with thousands of variations that can be pre-populated to a customer’s new IntelliResponse knowledgebase.

For example, a Retail Banking site could start with knowledgebases for Accounts, VISA, Mortgages and Online Banking. A University or College site could start with knowledgebases for Student Services and continuing education.

A content pre-population starter kit with 200-300 answers will address well over 80% of the questions that will be asked by a customer’s visitors.

QuickStart Package Features:

A typical QuikStart implementation can save hundreds of hours during an implementation, and includes:

  • Access to an experienced IntelliResponse Project Manager who will be accountable for a successful launch on the IntelliResponse platform
  • Knowledge Packs for each application that contain hundreds of common questions that visitors will ask
  • A “Look & Feel Catalog” that illustrates how dozens of other organizations have implemented IntelliResponse
  • A customized project plan with key milestones and deliverables
  • Critical success factors and “do’s and don’ts” to guide you through the process
  • A custom focus group designed to solicit initial feedback and ideas from stakeholders
  • Education, marketing and promotional advice for the Virtual Agent deployment to ensure its rapid adoption and success