Core Features and Benefits

IntelliResponse VA technology can be made accessible to consumers 24×7 days a week, across a broad array of interaction channels, and via multiple languages and geographies, for a seamless, integrated global customer experience.

Website Deployment

The IntelliResponse Virtual Agents are uniquely designed for deployment on an organization’s main customer-facing website

Mobile Deployment

The IntelliResponse Virtual Agent technology can be applied specifically for mobile users.

With the mobile channel deployment, customers can ask questions on any mobile device in the very same manner that they would on the website, but in an easy-to-view, easy-to navigate experience that is optimized for mobile screens.

The single, accurate answer is delivered, again in an easy-to-read mobile-optimized screen. The experience is simple and satisfying for the customer, without excessive scrolling that is cumbersome on smaller screens. The mobile deployment includes the same features available in the web deployment, and can be deployed as a native iPhone and Android Application, or via any WAP enabled mobile device such as a Blackberry or other smartphone.

Social Deployment

The IntelliResponse Virtual Agent can also be deployed on an organization’s social media channel, such as Facebook. Deploying a Virtual Agent on a social channel is a way to differentiate your Facebook page and increase engagement on this hugely popular social media site. The social deployment includes the same features available in the web deployment.

CSR Desktop Deployment

IntelliResponse Virtual Agents are also designed for deployment in an organizations contact center, on CSR desktops. CSR agents face the same issue as consumers – the need to find accurate answers from a vast database of content as quickly as possible.

Deploying an IntelliResponse Virtual Agent on CSR desktops is proven way to speed time-to-resolution by leveraging the very same features of the time-efficient and highly accurate IntelliResponse technology to service your customers on the phone.


IntelliResponse VA’s support full internationalization (i.e. multiple global languages) capabilities at the core architecture level, providing customers with the most flexibility in extending their web self-service offering globally.

lntelliResponse VA’s support Japanese, Korean and the Chinese language family as well as French and Spanish, making it easier for organizations to provide a truly global web self-service experience.