Core Features and Benefits

To truly have insight into what your customers want and think of your company requires access to the “voice-of-the-customer” (VOC). Companies spend millions every year to capture VOC insights – with varying degrees of success.

VOICES: A 24×7 Market Research Agent

IntelliResponse VOICES is the first and only VA-based voice of the customer platform. With VOICES, all customer interactions with the Virtual Agent are captured and transformed into a collection of easy-to-digest actionable customer insights that can be accessed in real time.

VOICES captures every question customers and prospects ask, in their own natural language, through any self-service interaction channel that is made available to them. This data is then automatically structured into intelligently-organized themes which marketers can explore, drill down and compare, right to the level of the individual question. This gives marketers unprecedented, real-time insights into the voice of the customer across all of their self-service channels.

Top Features of VOICES:

  • Unique visual representation of themes that are intuitive to a visual user
  • Ability to compare trends over user selected periods to identify changes in the business
  • Ability to drill down to the originating questions (voices) from any theme to understand exactly how customers expressed their need or problem