Webinar with Forrester Research – Right Channeling Customer Service: A Practical Guide


Right Channeling Customer Service:
A Practical Guide Webinar with Forrester Research, Inc.

From a customer web self-service perspective, right-channeling is about aligning the right customer with the right channel, at the right time. When executed effectively, right channeling can lower service costs while enhancing the customer experience. Despite its obvious potential, however, many organizations are unsure how to effectively execute on their right channeling strategies and align their online customer service in a cohesive manner.

Gain answers to your important online customer service questions:

  • How do I determine what customer service channel(s) to launch?
  • To what extent will new channels deflect volumes from my existing ones?
  • How do I align technology choices with customer interaction complexity levels?

  • Join this interactive webinar
    with guest analyst Diane Clarkson from Forrester Research, Inc. as she shares practical guidance on how to realize the potential of right channeling by selecting the right online customer service channels for your customers. This will be followed by an interactive demo of right channeling in action.

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