Telltale Sign #4: Your Customer SAT scores are not where they should be

6 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Organization – And Your Customers – Are Ready For Next Generation Web Self-Service

Telltale Sign #4: Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Aren’t Where They Should Be.

Lower-than-acceptable customer satisfaction scores are an obvious indicator that steps should be taken to improve the customer experience. What some companies miss, however, is spotting the right path to an effective customer service software solution.

Resolution begins with the understanding that one must look at the customer service landscape – as an integrated, multi-channel system – and identify ways to improve the customer service communication system as a whole, from first point of contact onward.

In the example described above, where a percentage of inquiries from the web site are escalating to the call center, it would be a mistake to assume that any significant ground could be gained by focusing on service level improvement practices within the call center silo exclusively.

Indeed, focusing resources for improvement in one channel may actually raise scores in that channel only, while the underlying challenges remain.

With so many companies offering a sub-par experience on-line, this is where the majority of companies will discover the root of their problems and, in many cases, the path to improvement. As a result, the web is the primary location where organizations should look closely at call center productivity resolution possibilities and ways to streamline the accurate, rapid and easy flow of information to the customer. Three major enhancement strategies that often result in big increases in customer satisfaction include:

1. Providing consumers with advanced ways to serve themselves on-line, without having to interact with any member of the customer service group until the time is right.

2. Increasing the number and quality of service options offered to customers.

3. Right-channeling, where you use your variety of service options to help contain and drive interaction to most appropriate channel, while providing a clear and easy escalation path

The above areas are co-related and these are often areas where many on-line and customer experience executives are tripped up in the quest to improve customer experience strategy and reduce costs: “Too few customer service options often challenge business professionals’ ability to successfully right-channel…”

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