Telltale Sign #5: Your expanding to new channels such as social media and mobile.

6 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Organization – And Your Customers – Are Ready For Next Generation Web Self Service

Telltale Sign #5: Your online marketing budget continues to grow year over year – as you expand to new channels such as social media and mobile.

Most companies are facing an increase in online marketing spend year after year. Consumer preferences to explore and purchase online, combined with increasing effectiveness and ubiquity of web-based tools such as social media, mobile commerce, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and email marketing will only continue to fuel this trend. In addition, customers are now more technology savvy than ever, turning toward the multi-channel, mobile and social web to interact with your organization.

If your marketing efforts are driving more people to your web site, Facebook fanpage, iPhone application, or Twitter feed, it stands to reason that not only should your web-site, but all of these web self service channels, be equipped to offer an optimal user experience with customer service communication. The restaurant that is not equipped to handle a large crowd due to physical space limitations, lack of properly skilled kitchen and service staff, ultimately suffers by delivering poor customer experiences strategy. Likewise, organizations that funnel more resources to drive customers to their online destinations but fail to deliver on the customer service improvement experiences run the risk of wasting their marketing spend and damaging reputation.

One of the biggest threats to an enhanced customer experience is the use of customer information tools that fail – almost universally – to meet the needs of today’s multi-channel, web self service consumer.

Customer Satisfaction Scores Can Be Misleading

Customer satisfaction is often measured at the tail end of a phone call, with the phone rep asking if the caller’s needs were met, if the information provided was satisfactory, or some variation of that question. There is an inherent flaw in this collection process, in that it isolates the question to the experience of the phone call. In other words, customers who respond saying that the call was satisfactory may have actually had an unsatisfactory experience on the web site. (Perhaps they spent a long time surfing around hunting for answers and grew frustrated before giving up and phoning in.) When poor pre  call experiences are left out of the scoring, CSAT scores are overinflated and, as a result, less reliable as a true indicator of satisfaction.

next up…. Telltale sign #6: Customer service and the customer experience are integral to the future growth and differentiation of your organization.


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