Virtual Agents Can Reduce Customer Effort. Here’s How Kobo Did It.

Virtual Agents Can Reduce Customer Effort. Here’s How Kobo Did It.

With regard to customer service delivery, a company’s ability to reduce customer effort wherever possible (i.e. making it as easy as possible for customers to engage with your company across all interaction channels), is one of the most important areas that customer service, contact centers, and customer experience professionals can focus on to increase customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.  One company that has achieved success in this area and who has recently received some well-deserved industry recognition is Kobo Books.

Kobo Books: Reducing Customer Effort

Kobo logoKobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services globally and has attracted millions of readers from over 190 countries. Kobo attempts to reduce customer effort wherever possible and they work hard to understand their customers. Kobo realizes that the easier they make it for their customers to get answers to their questions, the quicker they can get back to reading.

How Kobo Reduces Customer Effort with Virtual Agents

With the use of IntelliResponse Virtual Agents, Kobo provides a much richer online experience for their customers and it dramatically reduces customer effort. Customers Kobo Self-Servicesimply go online to Kobo’s website and self-serve without having to call into the contact center. This provides more flexibility for the customer and Kobo as call center staff can spend more time with customers who have more unique or personal questions that require the help of a live contact center agent.

Looking for More Tips? Join Kobo For a Live 1to1 Media Webcast

Webcast Speakers-Kobo 1to1MediaHear first-hand how 2012 1to1Customer Champion Mark Stevens, Vice President of Customer Care at Kobo Books reduced customer effort at his company. Mark will discuss how to leverage online self-service to improve the customer experience and share with attendees other tips that helped in the company’s transformation to providing a rich online experience for Kobo’s customers. Register for the webcast!

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